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“As educators, we have the responsibility to stand against any kind of racism and take action early from our classroom. We need to change the curriculum. Is the opportunity for schools to include topics such as race and ethnicity. It is time to teach about racial violence and civic education. We need to find innovative ways to support students and those most vulnerable that are many times left alone on the front lines of these battles. We have to create spaces for open discussion about inequality, social issues, and dismantle racial violence in our past and in our present. We need to read the tough books and articles, the ones that challenge our self-serving beliefs.”

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Illustration of students learning behinf screens and interacting with each other.

3 Simple Strategies for Promoting Equity in a Remote Classroom

As an educator, how do you meet the diverse needs of each student? How do you promote equity in an online classroom? How can you ensure each student has the same opportunities to learn and thrive? How do you address the digital and social divide remotely? In this post, I will go through three strategies to promote equity in a virtual, remote classroom.

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How to keep students engaged in an online course.

Top 5 Free Tools to Make Your Online Classes More Interactive

To save you time and help you choose the right tools for your classes, I have selected 5 of my favorite tools for online education. In this post, I’ll give you a hint to some of the best-in-market, low-budget, and user-friendly applications for improving the online learning experience and some ideas on how to use them.

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